Dear Friend,


Please do not be upset that I refer to you as friend without even knowing you. It’s because when reading this text, I think we have something in common – perhaps you have interest in travelling, exploring new countries and cultures.


To be fully honest, let’s face it – if you are looking for the splendid architecture of Rome, the extravagancy of Barcelona or the magnificence of Paris, maybe Bulgaria is not your place. But what we can surprise you with, is the genuine hospitality of the people, with the places untouched by civilization where old traditions are not only in the textbooks and last but not least with the superb local cuisine and unexpectedly good Bulgarian wines.


Our tours will guide you from the time of the ancient Thracians whose heritage nowadays may be traced only in Bulgaria, through the Roman and Byzantine Empire whose remnants are scattered all over the country, the Ottoman domination which contributed for the oriental look of many Bulgarian towns, the Revival Bulgaria with its charming rustic atmosphere and finally to contemporary Bulgaria – a member of EU.


I keep on rediscovering my own country. Although I have travelled all around it I still manage to “unearth” new treasures and this makes me put even more passion in my work. I would like to share my love for my country with you. Let me show it to you the way I feel it, smell it and breathe it.

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Milena Efremova

Managing Director

Atlantic Tour Bulgaria

Atlantic Tour is a member of BCCCI (Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry)